Monday, May 4, 2009

Calamity Jane

Hey guys, first official post of the new new blog! This is something I came up with today, three poems read on top of each other and nine drawings filmed with the audio in the background. Oh my stars! Enjoy! Boho!

calamity jane: casino

bungalow girl in adventure
thinks I have
the old vulture’s harmony
and I can be a balloon

give me a break she shoots
through a tin can
five times
carves her name on a sun-bleached rock
shaped like an
eagle’s claw

I want to be among the many
stars shooting
into a farmer’s field;
he might be sleeping or
making love to his wife;
I will glow orange and irradiate
the vast
stretch of scarecrow

leave a minute or two early tonight
she groans behind the old
red barn pretending she to be a mirage
of two women
drawing circles with lipstick on each
others’ face

again the gunblast breaks across
the valley
something important is
something fabulous is gained

wonderful old maidens in wait
lying atop
pumpkin pies in the utility shed
with smiles

calamity jane: hop hop

right in the beginning she
had a favorite horse named
and watched him race across a frozen
one time out in the bandit’s
reverie that saw her robbing trains
and stage coaches

I have an ivy leaf
with your name writ
in twig

resting atop my brow

glowing white matrons hanging
on the porch
ringing tiny bells to signal
is writhing inside
on the parlor floor
drooling on the windows

tosses her famous
possessions into the ravine

famously she has granted a tame
magician the
chance to levitate
spiral spiral

flames in her house,
young men
on the veranda, both
singing despair,
caterwauling the hope of a loveless
body, orange
and flesh hue in the vernacular
a good old burning

more more
the old buzzards speak to her
now your chance
to leave

girl get gone

calamity jane: bonanza

along the old juniper tree patch
she goes singing
under twilight with lengths
of rope attached to her waist
to save her from losing herself

knocking blows send her
down on
the dusty saloon floor but
she bites a heel and
rattlesnakes around
the sloppy piano player’s stool

have harmony governor
you rascal
shooting up the old
no one thinks of you
as lovely

boulevard dreams burning down the side
her back in ten
thousand degree weather she
removes her flesh and
sits as a simpleton in the ravine

I can’t get you away this time
cry in the parlor with
your shoes off

arm me with a large
silver cutlass I need
it to cut down the orchard she
chimes with a face
full of smudge

janey jane
crawls about her bedroom floor and
watches the angle of the moon
stuck in the early evening sky

leave me the lovers’ hat so
I can place it on her
head while she sleeps

arrange me different
she demands pouring
past her petite

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