Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dispatch From the Desert

Hallo, Bohos, wherever you may roam. Me? I call the Sonoran Desert my home. From inside a woodpecker's nest in the saguaro cactus, from the once decrepit vacants of downtown Phoenix, from the strip malls that stretch on to forever, I sing my greeting unto thee. A one-time Austinite and former colleague of Mssr. Savage, I've since fled to Phoenix which is both better and worse than you might guess. I'll pop on from time to time to share my thoughts and impressions of the city I call home (for now), and I may have one or two other surprises up my proverbial sleeve with which to shock, amaze, and generally rob you of five or six seconds. Glance on, and I'll see you 'round the bend.

- Mike

Collage Barrage (or just Garbage?)


  1. Hey, did you do these collages or was it Rell-o? Also, the second collage makes me think of Tom Waits "What's he building in there?" Such wonder indeed. Me really like collage...in fact, me feel inspired...

  2. I constructed them while passively absorbing a "Star Trek: TNG" marathon. Make of that what you will.