Thursday, May 21, 2009

Just for You

For a limited time, erstwhile Austinite and artist Rell Ohlson is accepting commissions for drawings and paintings according to a selection of thematic guidelines, such as science fiction, cult film, and food. She will also entertain special requests if she can accommodate them. In her own words:

"Right now I am offering my services to you, my lovely friends. Nothing dirty, folks. I will make YOU your very own piece of art, for a measly twenty dollars. Uniformly, every drawing/painting will be 5x7 inches, on white or colored paper, unframed. But my lovelies, you get to request a theme from my usual deck of cards, or make a very special request that I will try to accommodate, if possible. No shipping costs, just twenty little dollars. Who doesn't like that?"

You can view a gallery of her recent works on her Flickr page. If you're interested in purchasing a piece you can do so on her blog,

[Full disclosure: I'm dating Rell. We have a "domestic partnership," which is secular heathen-speak for living in sin.]

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