Tuesday, June 9, 2009

space: live

The last poem in my series titled 'Space.' Oh, but will we be so lonely out there in the void? I don't know. Check out: austin new blog, to find out. Hey, see you Saturday at Co-Lab.

space: live

oxygen seeped into the black
veil of becoming,

his skin began to freeze and his
eyes held still.

god’s hand in form of astral wind
swept him from
the gravity well

willow wobble

and into a neighboring wormhole.

a black hole is a subject not best defended
by movie stars or small children;
instead, it is a figurative impossibility
some fear one
day will creep onto the planet
in gray uniform and begin to sing
the blandest song of stasis
and determinacy.

Walter was hurled across too many
and his body came apart;
head in an ice belt, hand in rusty meteor, liver in neutron star,
kidneys in pulsar beat,
heart in nebula cloud, and eyes
set down low in the ring of Saturn.

reassemble and toss him back into
the black,

we cry, we demand.

the binary stars twinkle; the comets
sparkle; the radiation crackles; the
ocean drips.

space go way got under
the slip so swing we
oh oh

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