Wednesday, September 9, 2009

more moon gloom

Hey guys, here is the next poem in the series 'Howling at the Moon.' Enjoy!

howling at the moon: suicide

every woman
is a new dream

contained by Hollywood
and hedonism.

a new man arrives at a porch signing
a silence in the evening;
thin light traces scabs
on his cheeks,
he sticks his tongue out

and is in the house in moments.

every woman is
a dream
begun in the wake
of the last;

every woman
a dream

unmade by the possibility of
low lying car
hoods, creature comforts,
apartment tenants’ screams,

and ugly rice paper dolls hanging
in shop windows.

I dream of every woman
full of love and
then some.

the vandal breaks a vase;
he steps into the bathroom;
he bleeds in the sink.

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