Sunday, November 1, 2009

howling at the moon - parking lot

AAAAAAOOOOoooaoaoaoaooowowowowowowwwwwwww! Howl with me, fiends, blog revitalization begins today. B.O.H.O. c.o.c.o. Get on board friends, let's make some magic. And check out:, too, because shit'll be dropping there too. Oh, and there will be a performance involving the Bohos at Co-Lab this November 17 (starting at 7:30) as part of E.A.S.T. 2009. Come on down, friends. And here's the damn video that finishes the 'howling at the moon' series.

howling at the moon: parking lane

the car down there now reflects
the neon.

the objects speak but not in
those that hear are
dolled up and
in the streets.

ting an empty bottle,
make a smooth retreat to
a doorway.

the car thinks little of the
veranda of the neighboring
car port

the thin field of spiked grass

snap an ankle;
howl at the moon.

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